Quickly Launch Powerful Promo Campaigns That Attract Thousands Of Real And Raving Fans For Your Music ON DEMAND...

... For Any Music Genre And With Just Two Simple Tools!

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What Artists Are Saying:

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Here's What You'll Get:

Module 1: Fast Start


Fans On Demand Formula is about getting you results fast…


You don’t want to be on a training that changes your life in a year from now… you wanna do whatever it takes to make a difference now!


So this module lays out the entire Fans On Demand Formula in one lesson… so you know what we’re building and how we’re doing it.


The Fast Start module is gonna help you get up and running within just a few hours of joining this training…


Actually, if you joined this training today… and if you jumped right in and got your first campaign launched, you could be up and running and getting new, real and raving fans for your music as fast as by tomorrow!

Module 2: FB-To-Fan Foundations


Look, you probably know Facebook like the back of your hand…


You probably have a Facebook fan pages already… you know how to post on Facebook… how to engage your fans on Facebook… and so on...


So we're not going to waste time going over stuff you already know in this training. In FB-to-Fan Foundations, we’re just going to look at a few key features of Facebook that you have to have set up correctly in order to build your “Fan Machine”


No matter if you’re new to Facebook or a Facebook veteran, in this module I am gonna make sure you’re set up for success

Module 3: Fanbase Machine


This is where the magic begins!


This is where we dive into building your fanbase machine... that formula that you’ll be able to use over and over again to get fans on demand… hundreds of fans… thousands of fans… for your old releases, for your new releases… even for your future releases…


It sounds crazy, but seriously, mastering this is gonna be the difference between “going through the frustration of not knowing how to promote your next release” AND “knowing exactly what to do, each time, and getting better and faster results with each new track”

Module 4: The Perfect Music Ad


Our Fanbase-Machine needs fuel… and that fuel is gonna come from Facebook ads... but not any kind of ads!


Running successful ads for music follows a very different set of rules to pretty much all other ads you see. 


That’s because most traditional ads are designed to make you believe that their product solves a problem for you… for example: “have a stain on your shirt and want it gone - well, ads have told you that a particular detergent does just that… it solves your problem”.


But this does NOT work for music!


The reason why so many musicians try ads and fail is that they don’t know how music ads work - and WHY they work. So in this module we’re going to break down the perfect music ad. I am going to show you how it works, why it works, and break it down into a simply formula you can use to build your own music ads on the spot 

Module 5: Zero To Hero


In this module, our fanbase machine is done! 


It’s time for launch. So in this module we're checking that everything is set up for success and read to go... ready to take you from zero to hero!


This is the moment where you flip the ON switch…


This is the moment where you start to see new, real and raving fans pouring in... supporting you on Spotify, SoundCloud, Instagram, Apple Music, YouTube or wherever you want.

Module 6: How I Made 1,000 Fans In 1 Week


This is where we’re going to scale things up!


I am going to show you exactly the path to 1,000 fans in 1 week. This is where we’re going from initial success to big results…


We’re going to leverage Facebook’s AI to find the perfect fans for us… we’re making our music more viral automatically to get some free promotion… we’re leveraging charts to get even more free exposure… and all of this with just minutes - and not hours - spent each day…


In this module, you'll learn how to actually maximize your results and the hype for your music while saving time and money along the way.

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How About Some 'Accelerator' Bonuses?

Bonus 1: Superfan Accelerator


Superfans, also called True Fans, are your most loyal fans. These fans are a key to success for most independent artists when it comes to making a living with our music.


The SuperFan Accelerator is a bonus video training where I show you exactly how to engage all the new fans you’re getting with the Fans On Demand Formula right away… right when they first discovered you… right when they engaged with your music for the first time.


It’s that “first impression” that can make or break that fan relationship.


In this bonus video you will learn how to connect with new fans right away… how to bring them closer to you… how to get them to give you actual, valuable feedback so you can learn more about them… and how to do all of this completely on auto-pilot so this works no matter if you’re up or sleeping.

Bonus 2: Monthly Live Q&A Calls


When you join the Fans On Demand Formula training, you join a community of other artists!


We’re all in the same boat. Sometimes we have questions. Sometimes we’re excited to share our wins.


That’s why I am hosting a live Q&A call each month, which is exclusively for artists in my elite training programs.


So each month you can join to get your music promo questions answered. You can hear what your fellow artists have going on… and what’s working for them.


I also like to share behind-the-scenes updates of my own campaigns so I can give you ongoing tips for getting even more fans on demand.


All of these calls are also being recorded… so you don’t miss any of it, even if you’re unable to attend.

Bonus 3: Facebook VIP Community


When you join this training program, you will also get access to the Hypeddit VIP Community.


Inside the community you will be able to connect with other artists… many of whom may be at the same point you are right now.


This is a fantastic community for support and motivation. You can post questions and get answers from me and other artists in the group.

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How About Some 'Fast Action' Bonuses?

Fast Action Bonus 1: Magic Fan Finder


This video training shows you how to use Facebook magic to find extremely powerful audiences for your music… audiences you maybe didn’t even know existed!


A couple week ago I was working with an R&B/Hip Hop artist who was targeting fans of Drake and other big name artists he felt his music sounded alike. It didn’t work. He got a few new fans but not as fast as he wanted…


So we used a simple yet little known tool inside Facebook to find him some new audiences for his music… and it was truly magic! We came up with audiences he had never even thought of.


And when he started to run his music ads to those new audiences, his results went up by 400 - 500%! It was absolutely crazy!


Overnight, he went from struggling to find the right audience for his music, to finding just the perfect audience of folks raving about this songs!


The Magic Fan Finder video training maps it all out for you so you can find the perfect fan audience for your music.

Fast Action Bonus 2: Fan Campaign Fixer


Whenever you build something new, chances are that at some point a piece ends up in the wrong place, something gets a crack, you tried to improvise, or you cut a corner just a little bit too much… :)


Long story short, if your fan promotion campaign is running great but then suddenly, at some point, something stops working the way you want it to, you need a way to fix it.


That what the Fan Campaign Fixer bonus does for you!


I walk you through a simply process that lets you identify the piece that may have broken inside your fanbase machine. I show you how to fix it and make sure you stay on track with your fan growth goals.

Fast Action Bonus 3: My Music Ad Templates


When you’re putting together your own ads, sometimes you just need that extra bit of inspiration… or a template..


This is what you are getting with his bonus!


I am sharing with you ads that are proven and work. I’m also sharing with you new things I am testing.


The goal here is to let you do your own ads as fast as possible… so that it saves you tons of time for making music, your friends, your family, or other important stuff.

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30-Day Money Back Guarantee

You have a full 30 days to go through my program, access and use the bonuses and implement what I teach. If you take the steps in the training and you come out of this without game-changing success that gets you excited and that has the potential to change your music career, then I don't deserve you money!


That's why you'll get a 30-day refund guarantee for the Fans On Demand Formula training from me. If you don’t get the results you’re looking for then I will issue you a FULL refund for the training program

Here's Everything You Get

• • •

  • Module 1: Fast Start (Value $97)

  • Module 2: FB-To-Fan Foundations (Value $97)

  • Module 3: Fanbase Machine (Value $197)

  • Module 4: The Perfect Music Ad (Value $297)

  • Module 5: Zero To Hero (Value $397)

  • Module 6: 1,000 Fans In 1 Week (Value $397)

  • Bonus 1: Superfan Accelerator (Value $397)

  • Bonus 2: Monthly Live Q&A Calls (Value $497)

  • Bonus 3: Facebook VIP Community (Value $497)

  • Fast-Action Bonus 1: Magic Fan Finder (Value $297)

  • Fast-Action Bonus 2: Fan Campaign Fixer (Value $297)

  • Fast-Action Bonus 3: My Ad Templates (Value $297)

Total Value: $3,764

Only: $497

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